18 Kasım 2008 Salı


He likes Barış Manço and Kurtalan Ekspres, Erkin Koray..and so on… and now plays where they all played before. So following the contemporary issues a lot about Turkey, he even makes a joke saying “maybe after these I will have a ferryboat with my name on it”, talking about Baris Manco ferryboat…

Sean bw Parker has done a lot mostly with his own efforts to make people aware of his music in Istanbul. He calls Istanbul as his home and really enjoys being here. It doesn’t matter even if you do not like his music-which is pretty hard actually-you still have to appreciate what he tries to do in a totally different country as a stranger and you have to congratulate him to be able to make himself and his original music accepted in an environmet where all local bands play the same kind of music, sing same old brit pop songs and where everybody likes covers.

...................continues in http://www.undergroundistanbul.com/ ... issue 7, july 2008

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